Monthly Wine Club Subscription - Big House

Monthly Wine Club Subscription - Big House

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The Little House Wine Club is a monthly subscription featuring lively and interesting small production wines with a distinct sense of place.  A Wine Club subscription includes two wines per month, one red and either a white, sparkling, or a second red.

Wine Club wines come from small, family farms made using  natural methods, meaning that:

  • grapes are farmed using organic or biodynamic approaches
  • wild yeast is the vector for fermentation
  • there are no additives such as sugar, acid, color, or commercial yeasts
  • the use of sulfates is minimized or entirely avoided.

Other club benefits:

  • receive wines at or below retail price
  • detailed tasting notes and food pairing are always included
  • no membership fee
  • cancel anytime

Club Little House is $35 per month plus tax and showcases wines that are ideal for everyday enjoyment.

Club Big House is $55 per month and features wines that are meant for special occasions or inclusions in your cellar.

The Wine Club subscription is rolling. Your card will be charged automatically on the 10th of every month. Pickup is on the 15th of the month at Little House Green Grocery. If you would like to put your subscription on hold, please do so by the 5th of the month.