Veggie Box Subscription with Eggs - 4 week subscription

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Add 1 dozen of our fresh, pastured eggs to your Veggie Box subscription every week!

A Veggie Box subscription is built to support your health and to benefit our local food system. With our Veggie Box Subscription, you can enjoy fresh, local and organic produce year round! For 33.05 per week, we provide seasonal veggies, herbs, fruit and eggs boxed and ready to pickup at Little House. 

Once you sign up, you will receive an email every Tuesday with the contents and origins of that week's box along with farm news and recipes. Your credit card will automatically be charged every 4 weeks, and your subscription will renew.

Subscriptions are rolling.  Sign up anytime during the year- there is always great produce to be found!  If you need to halt your box for a vacation or any reason, just let us know. You can choose to donate that week's share, or you can get double boxes upon your return! Eat healthy and eat local with a Veggie Box!